Technical assistance to the World Heritage Marine Programme

In the framework of the World Heritage Marine Programme and in the context of strengthening the position of the programme’s work, the following activities were implemented:  production of the Pacific concept note and strategy to strengthen the activities of the programme in Pacific region, development of an overview of all NGO’s and other actors working on improving the marine conservation and visibility of the Belize  Barrier  Reef  Reserve  System  (the  overview included the objectives of the respective projects, their relevance  with  respect  to  the  conservation  of  the Outstanding Universal Value, their duration and budget), organization of events at the IUCN World Conservation Congress  (September  2012,  Korea)  and  at  IMPAC  3, expert inputs for the design of the 10-year strategy for marine World Heritage and its accompanying fundraising plan, and expert inputs on the World Heritage marine site managers website and communication strategy.


UNESCO World Heritage Center



Project development
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