Two years of reducing our company’s footprint with Ecologi


Blue Pangolin Consulting has been working with Ecologi to reduce our company’s footprint since May 2020.

At Blue Pangolin, we work towards the conservation and sustainable use of natural – marine, coastal and terrestrial – resources. Through this ethos, the Blue Pangolin Team has implemented and delivered numerous projects focusing on Marine Protected Areas (MPA), sustainable financing for high protection, the conservation of coral reefs and associated ecosystems and the development of tools for the protection of marine biodiversity.

Although our efforts and actions aim to drive urgent action #ForNature, our day-to-day activities and the implementation of our projects are not free of carbon emissions.

To date, we have supported over 30 carbon reduction projects and have funded the planting of over 1,300 trees from Madagascar, Mozambique, and Kenya to the United Kingdom and Nicaragua. This has resulted in a reduction in 79.35 certified tonnes of CO2 including 2 carbon capture projects, 2 wetland restoration initiatives and 8 forestry-based solutions.

Read more about our impact and visit our Forest here.

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