Blue Pangolin at the MAVA Foundation Donors Fair for Marine Turtles in Tunisia


Within the framework of a recent contract signed between Blue Pangolin Consulting and the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA) to support the implementation of the Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region project, Tom recently took part in a donors fair facilitated by the MAVA Foundation, aiming at bringing together possible donors and the various projects of MAVA to engage, discuss and present their next phases.

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In preparation for the fair, a concept document outlining the core aims, goals, and illustrative activities of a possible third phase of the project, Enhancing the protection of marine turtles in the Mediterranean region, alongside various communication pieces such as a summary flier was developed.

During the two-day event, Tom, along with Lobna Ben Nakhla (RAC/SPA) and Yakup Kaska (DEKIMER), presented the project to all attending funders and project implementers, aiming to galvanise action, instigate discussion, and build support.

The presentation introduced the expected activities and goals of the third Phase: advancing science and technology for marine turtle conservation, supporting and advancing national, regional and international legislation, the support and identification of Important Marine Turtle Areas (IMTA), and developing technical capacity throughout the Mediterranean region and beyond.

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