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Global coral reef profile


Francis Staub  contributed to the development of the global coral reef profile (, released early February 2021. The Global Coral Reef Profile will prove to be a hugely valuable tool for the management and conservation of coral reef ecosystems. This Beta version will be improved in response to feedback from reviewers. At present, users can navigate through the following topics:

  • Coral reef dependence and values – tourism, fisheries, and shoreline protection
  • Local threats to coral reefs – overfishing, coastal development, watershed-based pollution, and marine-based pollution
  • Global threats to coral reefs – warming seas and coral bleaching (past, current and future warming), tropical cyclones, and ocean acidification
  • Coral reef condition – summary of trends on coral reefs, which will be updated with forthcoming report from GCRMN, 2020 Global Report on the Status of the World’s Coral Reefs
  • Management, resilience, and other mitigating factors – adjacent habitats (mangroves and sea grass), coral connectivity, marine protected areas, and signs of hope
  • Social and economic vulnerability to coral degradation and loss – national level summaries
  • Conclusion
  • Key Resources – for further information on science and management, protected areas, status and trends, government and policy, ecosystem values, and how individuals can aid coral reefs


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Photo credit: The Ocean Agency

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