Technical support for current and future MPA funding recipients in the Mediterranean

Throughout January and June 2022, Blue Pangolin Consulting is assisting the MedFund, providing technical support on fund allocation to MPAs, and assistance for open calls for expression of interest for MPAs in the Mediterranean.

The MedFund is a hybrid environmental fund which aims to mobilise public and private actors in order to promote the development and effectiveness of Mediterranean MPAs.

There are four main objectives for this consultancy term:

  1. Supporting current funding recipients from Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and Albania.
  2. Supporting applicants for the Highly Protected Marine Initiative (HPMI) call for proposals and review the proposals received.
  3. Launch of call for expression of interest for MPAs as part of Monaco Ocean Week 2022.
  4. Support for the preparation of the March 2022 Board meeting.

Read more about the HMPI here.

Monk Seals in Gökova MPA, Turkey | Mediterranean Conservation Society



The Mediterranean

Evaluation, Marine Protected Areas
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