Francis co-authors a paper proposing a new workflow for ecological monitoring


A recent paper, co-authored by Francis, proposes a new workflow to integrate ecological data from multiple sources.

The proposed workflow comprises four main steps, from data gathering to quality control, to better integrate ecological monitoring data and to create a synthetic dataset that will make it possible to analyse larger sets of monitoring data, including unpublished data.

It was designed and applied in the production of the  Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2020 report, where more than two hundred individual datasets, and 2 million data points from 73 reef bearing countries, were integrated to assess the status and trends of hard coral cover at the global scale.

The designed workflow allows for the integration of datasets with different levels of taxonomic and spatial precision, with a high degree of reproducibility, allowing for the estimation of temporal trends in biodiversity and ecosystems or to test ecological hypotheses at larger scales.

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Video produced by Jérémy Wicquart

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